[olug] network vs. NetworkManager, iptables vs. firewalld?

Lou Duchez lou at paprikash.com
Fri Nov 2 07:20:13 CDT 2018

So, I've seen a couple things that make me think I should consider 
switching from the "network" service to NetworkManager, and from 
iptables to firewalld.  Basically, it looks like NetworkManager and 
firewalld are considered the wave of the future, and I'm currently 
clinging to semi-obsolete methods.  Anyone have any thoughts or experiences?

For the most part I think I can use NetworkManager, except that one of 
my Linux servers is my network's router.  Anyone had any luck getting 
routering to happen under NetworkManager?  I haven't gotten it to work 
yet, but it may well be because I'm an oaf.

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