[olug] Docker + xinetd??

Justin Reiners justin at hotlinesinc.com
Mon Jun 18 09:37:04 CDT 2018

Sorry to bother, maybe someone here knows.

Has only had luck running xinetd within docker? I've got some older legacy
stuff written in python, which takes input on stdin I use xinetd to
operate. I've been trying and failing for about 2 days now...

I appreciate any ideas on why the entry point doesn't seem to work, the
docker instance seems to hang.

Searching for "xinetd + docker" seems to be a lost cause.

>From centos
RUN yum -y update
RUN yum -y install wget vim tar epel-release git nc xinetd tree libcurl
curl gcc-devel && yum -y install  python34 python34-mysql python34-devel
python34-pip openssl-devel libssl-devel && yum groupinstall -y "Development
RUN mkdir -p /app/bin && cd /app/bin
COPY robocall.txt /etc/xinetd.d/robocall
ENV PATH=$PATH:/app/bin/
COPY * /app/bin/
RUN python3 -m pip install -r /app/bin/req2.txt

ENTRYPOINT xinetd -f /etc/xinetd.conf -dontfork -inetd_compat

version: '2.2'


    build: .
    restart: always
    privileged: True
            - 2001:2001

xinetd service file:

service robocall
        disable         = no
        port            = 2001
        flags           = REUSE
        socket_type     = stream
        protocol        = tcp
        wait            = no
        user            = root
        server          = python3 /app/bin/robocall.py

[09:34 root at server .../compose_files/robocaller (master *+%)]#
docker-compose up
Starting robocaller_robocaller_1 ...
Starting robocaller_robocaller_1 ... done
Attaching to robocaller_robocaller_1
(hangs here)

[09:35 root at server .../compose_files/robocaller (master *+%)]# docker logs


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