[olug] Jump-start a team into Amazon/Google cloud and CI/CD stack

Dan Linder dan at linder.org
Sun Apr 22 12:40:02 CDT 2018


I and some co-workers are looking to build up a simple curriculum to use to
help cross-train other teams into the new(*) mindset that CI/CD and
Amazon/Google cloud offerings provide.  Basically we're trying to build
material for a class to let anyone take the class as long as the have
access to a cloud provider account and build a CI/CD pipeline, with
source-code and binary repository, system automation, etc.  As we progress
we'd then add on automatic deployment, blue/green testing, roll-back, etc.

Individually, each of us have a good depth of experience in our tools
within the stack (Jenkins, Git, Ansible, etc), but we're struggling with
getting something started that we can build on (many of us were trying to
do this in the margins over lunch and/or in spare cycles after work).  We
have a very basic website (PHP or Java IIRC), but I know that I've been
struggling with trying to get something working using Hashicorp Terraform
(to build the underlying systems).

What I envision us building is a "cloud training starter kit" - I wanted to
see if anyone had stumbled across this already built.

Maybe this is a good topic for someone at this months meeting?  (I don't
know your skill-set Brian Roberson...)


* Well, new to us as a company.

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