[olug] Laptop suggestions

webtrekker webtrekker at cox.net
Mon Oct 23 08:29:04 CDT 2017

Hey Dan,

I just received the Del 13 XPS Developers Edition w/Ubuntu pre-loaded.  
Mixed results so far.  Hardware wise it seems pretty solid, the trackpad 
is rather touchy and I'm still getting used to the fact that this one 
has a touch screen.

I'm least impressed with the Ubuntu install, but I'm a openSUSE fan, 
which could be part of the problem ... :-)   For my daily use where I 
need a GUI, I'm either in Windows 10, or my MacBook ... both seem easier 
to use than Ubuntu.

I'd be glad to connect with you if you want take a look at the hardware, 
if that would help in your decision. Just let me know ...


Patrick Swartz

On 10/23/2017 8:01 AM, Dan Linder wrote:
> I'm starting to look at a new personal laptop to replace my aging MacBook
> Pro (15" Mid-2010).
> As evidenced by the age of this system, I like to keep my equipment for a
> long time and I will pay a bit more for an expandable and reasonably
> powerful system that I can upgrade over.  My hard top end for the budget is
> $1800.
> I've heard good things about the Dell 13 XPS, but for a bit of savings (and
> throwing some support behind the Linux builders) I've also investigated the
> System 76 "Galaga Pro".
> Are there any other vendors/brands/models I've overlooked that I should
> investigate?
> Dan

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