[olug] Bash or CygWin quirk waiting for process...

Dan Linder dan at linder.org
Thu Jun 29 17:25:02 CDT 2017

I'm using CygWin in Windows 10 to automate a process.  I have two child
shell scripts I want to kick off from my main script, but I want the main
script to hang around until both of the child scripts are done.

The two child scripts are called as processes of "mintty" so the output of
each is in separate windows.

Here's my script:

mintty -t Type-A --exec ./build.sh typeA &
mintty -t Type-B --exec ./build.sh typeB &

for job in `jobs -p` ; do
  echo Waiting for child $job of jobs: `jobs -p` to exit.
  wait $job


Both of the MinTTY consoles open and run the script, but the wait for-loop
doesn't wait and the "process_both.sh" script fires right away.

Any ideas?


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