[olug] OT - Cox to start billing for people using more than 1tb a month

Ben Hollingsworth obiwan at jedi.com
Wed Jan 25 11:46:33 CST 2017

On 01/25/2017 03:21 AM, Aaron Grothe wrote:
> Cox is going to put a 1-tb / month usage limit on all of their residential cable users.  If you go over 1-tb they will happily bill you at the rate of $10/50 gb after that.  This limit applies to all speed tiers.  I thought they would give top level people an option of having more, but nope.
> Keep in mind 1-tb is a lot of data, I fully acknowledge that.  You have to wonder though with more people cutting the cable cord and going to internet entertainment.  More HD/4k content how long until 1tb starts to look like a pretty low amount, and cox gets closer to that paying for every byte model they'd love to have.

Wow, that's really low for people with high-speed access.  I only have 
12/1 Mbps at home, which drops to about 3 Mbps on evenings & weekends 
(don't complain to me about your lack of ISP options).  The kids watch a 
little bit of Netflix, but we limit that.  I hardly ever touch my 
computer at home any more.  Still, if my monitoring is correct, I use 
about 373 GB down / 46 GB up per month (averaged over the last year).  
Judging from my time-of-day graphs, the lion's share of that is from 
Netflix.  Presumably, somebody who sees value in paying for a 60 Mbps or 
faster connection will use considerably more bandwidth than I do.  
That's gonna get pretty expensive!

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