[olug] Domain name slowly disappearing for its users

Eric Lusk wyrmzr72 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 17 14:37:29 CST 2017

I've got a domain name, dynooil.com, that is slowly disappearing for its users. It's doing so on 3 different ISPs, and the only way they find out is when their computers fail to connect to the mail server.A ping from each location fails, but does ping the correct IP address. Nslookup is successful. Tracert from Windows fails within 12 hops, depending on the ISP. If the user is on Netins, the last response is a system in Colorado. If the user is on TCAExpress, the last response is usually a system in Netherlands. I've also got one that's failing on CenturyLink's side, somewhere around LA it seems.The problem is that this is progressing slowly through every store, which is a chain in Western IA.I have seen an old forum post on a site where someone had almost the same problem almost 14 years ago, but I wouldn't think it would be related to what's going on now.Any ideas? They don't have much choice regarding changing ISPs; these smaller towns don't give many options.

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