[olug] Recommendations for VHS digitization hardware / software

Adam Haeder adam at adamhaeder.com
Sat Apr 23 19:52:19 CDT 2016

So I've got a few dozen old VHS tapes that I'd like to digitize. At the
moment, I have a vcr that will play them, and an AverMedia analog capture
card that _should_ be able to digitize the video. At the moment, it's in my
son's Windows 10 box, and I can't for the life of me get it to work. It's
an old card, and I've tried 2 different AverMedia specific windows apps,
and neither one shows any video. I finally got vlc to connect to it and I
got audio, but I couldn't figure out how to switch the input to component
(because that's how the vcr is connected to the card).

So my question is: have any of you done a medium-sized vhs->digital
conversion yourself? If so, what hardware / software did you use? Or am I
better off paying for someone to do this? I'm not 100% concerned about the
quality, but if there are 'fixes' or enhancements that a professional would
be able to do that I can't, it might be worth my money to go that way.
(some of the high school basketball games, in particular, are potato
quality).  If not, I'll put the process together and then make my son do
the actual work :)


Adam Haeder
adam at adamhaeder.com

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