[olug] slow microSD card file xfer

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The sdcard itself or the card reader are usually the limiting factors in transfer speeds.  Many cheap cards or card readers can't transfer any faster than what you experienced.  Cards usually publish their speeds, so you can look it up.  Readers usually don't.

There's a reason pro photographers shell out big bucks for high-end cards & card readers.  The last 32GB CF card I bought cost me over $100.

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</div>Ubuntu 14.04LTS, HP computer, not sure what model (sorry), copying all files from a microSD card used in neighbor's GoPro.  64GB card took about 55 minutes to copy.  USB 2.0 theoretically can moved 60MB/sec, so that would take less than 17 minutes, figure 20-25 minutes for the non-theoretical real world file xfer.  This computer has a built in memory card reader, has 4 slots on the top face plate, all of course are USB attached.  Checked to see if EHCI driver was loaded for that port and it is.  Why so slow? Kevin D. Snodgrass
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