[olug] Kindle 6-pack

Aaron Grothe ajgrothe at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 24 01:00:03 CDT 2015

Hey Guys,
I had't gotten any of your e-mails.  So I was thinking this was fizzling out until I asked George and Jon about it and hit the mail list archive.
So we've reached the magic 6.  I'll be sending out a separate e-mail to all the members of the 6.  If anybody backs out I'll be back in touch.
Couple of answers:
o - no, these aren't paper whites - they are the kindle fire tabletso - they are going to be $41.67 each or $42.00 if people want to got Douglas Adam on ito - are they any opening left?  We got 6 but if somebody backs out we might have another openingo - are the tablets any good.  They're $41.67 - they're not going to be Samsung Galaxy tabs - but they should beat a Coby/RCA tablet handilyo - If you aren't one of the Kindle 6, I think Joe might be doing an order and still want a couple of people to joino - I'm hoping the tablets will be available by the next OLUG meeting - October 6.  But depending on how back ordered they are we'll have to see.o - I'll place the order after I have confirmations from everybody
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