[olug] Fedora 23 Upgrade Notes

Lou Duchez lou at paprikash.com
Sun Nov 8 21:00:58 CST 2015

I updated my five Fedora servers this weekend via dnf, and it was pretty 
uneventful.  On four out of five servers, I will even go so far as to 
say it was painful.

The fifth server, though ... there was a very poorly-timed brief power 
outage in the middle of the process.  I was afraid I'd bricked the 
server, but fortunately, the server booted up okay, and was willing to 
do the update like nothing happened.  It was crazy slow, though, like 12 
hours or so.  So I get the feeling the power outage did confuse the 
update process, but the update process worked through it rather than 
giving up in frustration. Well done, Fedora 23!

> I've been upgrading my Fedora boxes for some time now.  The last full
> installs I did was for Fedora 21, when I purchased a SSDs for my laptop and
> desktop.  Upgrades have been pretty seamless using 'fedup'.
> With Fedora 23, they've changed it slightly by using 'dnf'.  So, read up on
> the changes if you plan to upgrade.
> Here are a few notes from upgrades I've done in the past couple days.
> My laptop downloaded all the packages, but couldn't set up for the reboot
> because of a conflict in one of the installed rpmfusion base packages -
> there was still a Fedora 21 version in there.  Not sure why the F22
> rpmfusion packages didn't replace it, but removing it resolved my issue.
> (I'm referring to the actual rpmfusion repo config rpm).
> My desktop was a bit of a different matter.  I have a Nvidia 630 card
> installed and have been using the nvidia binary drivers for some time -
> mostly for video acceleration when editing and playing back video.  As
> Fedora 23 contains a release candidate version of the 1.18 X server, the
> Nvidia driver ABI has not been updated to work with it.  Nvidia will only
> update their driver once the full release of 1.18 is available.  Of course,
> I found this out after I upgraded.  So, searching some forums I found that
> you can downgrade the X server to the Fedora 22 version.  Which is what I
> did - I'm running the Fedora 22 version of X and the most recent Fedora 22
> kernel with the RPMfusion nvidia driver.
> Downgrade command:
> dnf --releasever=22 downgrade xorg-x11-server-Xorg
> Until such time that the full version of 1.18 is out and nvidia updates
> their driver, I've excluded any X updates in the /etc/dnf/dnf.conf file:
> .... clip here ....
> exclude=xorg-x11-*
> .... clip here ....
> If you don't feel up to making all these changes, perhaps waiting a month
> (hopefully) to upgrade to Fedora 23 would be the best course of action.  I
> would have waited to upgrade my desktop had I paid more attention to some
> of the forum posts from a few weeks ago.
> If you're using an intel graphics adapter or the nouveau driver, you should
> be fine.  Those with optimus hardware or the latest nvidia cards should
> probably wait.
> Jon L.
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