[olug] HTML editor for off-line DVD/CD navigation.

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I still use a perl script for this, too.  I think my resulting HTML is v3.3 or v4.  Let us know what end up using, please.

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</div>When my daughter was born 15 years ago I made a data DVD of her first
photos, videos, and some text along with a simple "index.html" so
non-technical people could navigate it.  I did all that using a Perl script
to build the basic HTML and link text, then cleaned it up with some manual

It's 15 years later, I'm trying to do something similar (make yearly DVDs
to burn and put in the girls keep-sake boxes), but I can't find a good
WYSIWYG editor to handle this.  I looked into CoffeeCup HTML editor (one of
the first I came across), but it is definitely aimed at producing a
Internet hosted web page.  I'd like to stay away from anything other than
HTML5 if possible just so it has a chance of being viewed in another 15

In the past I've recommended that non-technical people could use MS Project
to do something like this, but the latest version seems to have removed the
"save for local viewing" option.

I'm not intimately aware of what Adobe products might do this - is there an
inexpensive (i.e. $50 or less) that anyone can recommend?


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