[olug] FreeNAS presentation follow-up

Aric Aasgaard aric at omahax.com
Wed Mar 4 01:28:59 CST 2015

The ZFS LZ4 compression is multi-threaded.



...The CIFS shares are not multi-threaded but most other stuff is.



You get a boot menu when you boot the system, so if you have a bad update
you can go back. 

(this happened to me when I tried a nightly of version 10)



You can then set what you want active in the web GUI




Here are some good howto videos ...on the FreeNAS website.



Here is the part of a video that demonstrates adding shared storage to the
Plex plugin jail.  I feel I needed to clarify what I mean when I said, to
mount it to the jail.



Here is the link I had in one of my slides that does a good job of
explaining ZFS on FreeNAS (more geared toward home user)



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