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Aric Aasgaard aric at omahax.com
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I know I have said this before, but…

What I think Microsoft should have done with Windows 8 is to have left the Metro start screen off of the desktop interface and made it so that interface was presented when RDP’d to from an iPad/iPhone/Android device.


The presentation should be separate and geared to the device.  ….like mobile CSS ….but not suck.

Plex, Chromecast and Roku are good examples of having a phone interface for server.


I’ve used X forwarding/nomachine/TS RemoteApp/Citrix on desktops clients  ….meh.


…….a webservice with an interface designed for the device would be better.

This could make your mobile device less like a Swiss Army knife and more like a proper tool for the job.


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I believe almost all apps should be web, and OS agnostic (client side) I currently do this with Plex, sonarr, couch potato, SABnzbd, my internal dokuwiki, and my rokus. All running on a poweredge r410 and fedora server 22. 

Also runs kvms to do my biddings/err for testing. Oh also kimchi works pretty well, to the point of no longer being forced to X forwarding virt-manager. Spins up template vm's in a snap.

KVM is mighty snappy when you remote in using RDP or nomachine. 


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It be nice to use all the Haswell desktops hooked up to GbE for something other than dumb terminals.
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