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Samuel W. Flint swflint at flintfam.org
Mon Jun 8 19:37:36 CDT 2015

"Aric Aasgaard" <aric at omahax.com> writes:

> Interesting.  I will load it up and try it out.
> What I would like to see more of is ways that you could utilize the
> power of your own desktops and servers as your own cloud resource.  I
> would like my phone and tablet to be a client of my home computers.
> I want the CPU, GPU, RAM and storage of a device on mains power and
> have a small easily portable low power device for human interface.
> It would be awesome if the next generation of desktop apps had built
> in web app servers to do this.  ......Instead of pushing everyone to
> cloud subscription services.

That would be cool!  Sadly, I don't think it'll happen.  They couldn't
make money that way!



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