[olug] Looking for a larger server, not necessiarly new.

Dan Linder dan at linder.org
Wed Aug 26 22:16:53 CDT 2015

Thanks for all the input. I was able to find an IBM x3650 m3 with two Xeon
CPUs X5650 @ 2.67GHz (Stepping: 000206C2, Microcode Revision: 00000015),
along with a few sticks of RAM.

The bad news is that one of the CPUs is bad. :(

I've priced on line and the X5650 CPUs are $90 each and I'd need to buy two
to ensure the stepping and microcode are sure to work with each other.

Anyone have an old server of any make with two x5600 CPUs in it you want to
part with?


On Fri, Aug 14, 2015 at 12:29 PM, Aric Aasgaard <aric at omahax.com> wrote:

> You can do what I am doing and get a Dell C6100 XS23-TY3 off eBay.   It is
> a good platform for playing with virtualization.  I put cheap 10G mezzanine
> cards in the nodes with short cheap twinax sfp+ patch cables.  I made one
> node FreeNAS, one pfSense, and two Xenserver.  I got 160GB WD velociraptor
> drives for about $10 each when looking for SSD to 3.5 adapters for mirrored
> node boot drives and or MSSQL log files.  I got 6, 5TB 7200RPM 128MB cache
> Toshiba desktop drives for $140 each for RAIDZ2 on the FreeNAS.  I put 48GB
> of RAM in each node for a total of 192GB.  I plan on using a reverse proxy
> http cache on the pfSense node.  I probably have about $2000 into it.
>  .........but hey education, you could easily spend that in a year at a
> college bookstore.  I planned to put it in a cheap 2U colo spot, it is
> wired up without a switch.  If you just want one to play with at your home
> you can probably just get a C1100 for much less.  I have a C1100 currently
> in production running Xenserver with over a year of uptime.

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