[olug] Advice on SNMP read/write logic

Charles Bird cbird.omaha at gmail.com
Fri Aug 14 21:46:23 CDT 2015

       Have not been keeping up with nagios, or similar monitoring/control
software for quite a while.
I have a mixed bag of devices that frustrates me to the point in which I
could punch a tree until it turns into toothpicks, webui is inconsistent,
and I am left with no choice but to manage via snmp.
I'm not really looking for a monitoring solution, I basically would like to
have a build plan for deployments, like a csv, load mibs, and write like
hell, read like hell to validate, grab lots of beer and giggle myself to
I intend on having some vm running on my laptop to do this.

Is this something any of you have done before? If so, what software? Pain
to setup?
Nagios seems a bit much for what I need to do, but might be the best
documented choice of mine.


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