[olug] Linux CNC 2.6.4

unfy olug at unfy.org
Sat Nov 22 01:00:52 CST 2014

Am gonna be building a CNC of sorts soon.

Next week the rest of the electronics should come in (generally) and can 
start fiddling with the software & electronics.

Went the dumb-lpt port based route and linuxcnc.  Wanted linuxcnc 
because, well, this seems like the ideal application of linux (embedded 
stuff, servers, etc).

I'll prolly be getting an HP DC7600 (or something that's got a model 
similar to that) to run the thing.  It's a p4 and stuff, but a coworker 
has plenty and it seems appropriate to re-purpose one instead of 

Anyone have any hints or suggestions from anyone that has any linuxcnc 
experience ?

I don't expect problems, but ya never know.


For the OT bits - planning on either a 12x12 bed or a 12x12 cutting 
area.  I dunno.  An example:


There's plenty of designs that follow this style of moving the entire 
gantry along the X axis (or Y, whatever).

Although a moving bed design is prolly better for such a small machine, 
I'm building a small version of the design to see how it all works when 
it comes time to scale it to 4'x4' or 8'x4' etc. I've only got 76oz-in 
nema17's at the moment so there's some concern if they'll be strong 
enough for even the small design.  We'll see :D.

I'll continue to use the small scale machine down the road - want 
something in my apartment to auto drill holes in PCB's or cut out 
smaller parts etc.  Will be building a sound proof box around it and 
dust collection system etc.

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