[olug] Newbie looking for server replacement

Mikey dakoris73 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 1 06:00:16 CDT 2014

Hello everyone,

I'm fairly new to the group and also to the world of Linux, and so far,
have had a blast playing with virtual drives and I have finally getting my
physical home network setup. I started with 3 Ubuntu servers, but my main
server decided to crap out on me, which is requiring me to look for a
replacement server. My current two servers (Dell Poweredge 600SC and an
older P4 custom desktop computer) are running good so far, but for my
learning purposes, I'm in need of a 3rd and possibly a 4th server to add to
the mix. Since I am trying to learn and prepare for my linux
certifications, I would like to acquire some actual server class equipment
so that I can get familiar with their setup, raid and backup
configurations, ect....., but having a young family to support, costs are
kinda limited at the moment.....

Sorry for the long winded intro, but here's my question: I realize server
class equipment is not exactly cheap, but I was wondering if anyone knows
of a reseller in the area that sells refurbished / outdated equipment to
the public for home or small business uses? Or if anyone has any older
equipment laying around collecting dust that is no longer in use they'd be
willing to "donate" or sell at a reasonable cost?

Hopefully this makes sense, and I'm enjoying my experiences of learning
this whole new linux world, and will probably be posting some basic
beginner questions here shortly once get things more setup.......

Thanks again........
Mikey Furrow

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