[olug] Centurylink "Gigabit" my ass....

Aric Aasgaard aric at omahax.com
Fri Jun 20 23:37:04 CDT 2014

As far as Cox goes (because it is the only dece think I can get here)
......The Cox ultimate $99 for 150x20 home user version at home is fine for me.  I use dynamic DNS instead of a static ip.  The IP changes very very rarely.  I have 6 different Cox business accounts at work and side jobs.  From my experience the difference between Cox business and home internet in Omaha is only in getting a static IP/CIDR block.  

The pfSense quality RRD graphs between home and business are not significantly different.  IMO it makes more sense to get the cheaper higher speed home account and spend a fraction of the difference on a Verizon wireless 4G hotspot for redundancy purposes.  Like I have said in the past, I get the over quota Cox warning emails but I have never been throttled.  Have any of you actually ever been throttled for going over the quota on their Ultimate tier?  I have had connection issues that a paranoid person might think was the result of getting their hose kinked for going over quota.  A check confirmed all channels were connected and OK, but modem reboot still solved the issue. 

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> FWIW, I use cox business at home, and use well over a TB a month... :P It's
> not cheap, but no throttle for me.

+1 for Cox business class at home for $99.

For five years I had it at home (south of Bellevue near the base) and
always had decent speeds.  Since I worked from home I could justify it as a
worthy expense.  When the kids got out from school for the summer, my speed
never decreased where my neighbor started complaining about how bad their
YouTube and NetFlix videos started buffering a lot more - which we chalked
up to the single loop feeding the home users was saturated, but the second
loop for business class was lightly loaded.

I don't work from home anymore and I can't complain about the speeds I get
- my monthly Sam Knows report (https://www.samknows.com/) shows I'm getting
a consistent 22-25Mbps and I can't complain.


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