[olug] Centurylink "Gigabit" my ass....

Brian Roberson roberson at bstc.net
Tue Jun 17 10:38:53 CDT 2014

Thought I'd get this on the list an archived for the crawlers to pickup on,
I must admit, I had a bit of frustration at this point, just because I've
spent an inordinate amount of time just trying to get what I ordered, and
getting nothing but call here, call there, etc..etc..etc..

I called in to CL yesterday and pretty much got the same
bounce-around/deflection, but I figured I've give the old chat-roulette
option a try:

6/17/2014 about:blank
about:blank 1/3
info: at 8:24:06
Your place in queue is 6. We will assist you as soon as possible. Please
wait for the next available Internet
Support Agent.
info: at 8:26:06
All our representatives continue to assist other customers. Your place in
queue is now 5. Thank you for your
info: at 8:28:06
All our representatives continue to assist other customers. Your place in
queue is now 4. Thank you for your
info: at 8:30:06
All our representatives continue to assist other customers. Your place in
queue is now 2. Thank you for your
info: at 8:31:52
All technical support chats may be recorded and used for training purposes.
Hello, you have reached
CenturyLink Internet support, my name is Annette in Boise. Will you please
verify the billing name and
address on this account?
Brian Roberson: at 8:32:03
Brian Roberson
Brian Roberson: at 8:32:09
Brian Roberson: at 8:32:14
Annette in Boise: at 8:34:21
hi, you have gpon or prism, the order just went thru and all I know is I
cant pull up this account
Annette in Boise: at 8:34:39
I can transfer you to prism and see if they can help and pull up the
account, one moment
Brian Roberson: at 8:34:58
Brian Roberson: at 8:35:15
I also need help setting up MyAccount
Annette in Boise: at 8:35:28
they arent in, their number if you want to call is 8663144148
Brian Roberson: at 8:36:03
its GPON, and it was just installed yesterday.
Brian Roberson: at 8:36:20
not very happy with service so far, glad I made sure it was month-month
Brian Roberson: at 8:36:36
can you at least help me setting up MyAccount?
Brian Roberson: at 8:36:54
I have gotten nothing on paper, so I dont have a "security code"
Brian Roberson: at 8:37:07
and my account is not tied to an email.
Annette in Boise: at 8:37:11
I can get you to that dept
6/17/2014 about:blank
about:blank 2/3
Annette in Boise: at 8:37:14
they are open
info: at 8:37:36
Please wait while I transfer you to an operator who is better suited to
provide you the help you need.
info: at 8:37:39
You are now chatting with 'Michael A. (20803)' at Residential English.
Brian Roberson: at 8:38:20
Michael A. (20803): at 8:38:51
Good morning, how may I assist you today?
Brian Roberson: at 8:38:57
two things...
Brian Roberson: at 8:39:30
#1 - I need help setting up "My Account" - and #2 - I should be getting
1Gbs - and only getting 200Mbs.
Brian Roberson: at 8:39:49
is it a provisioning problem?
Michael A. (20803): at 8:39:51
I will be very happy to help you log into your MyAccount profile. Please
provide me with your account
number so we can get started.
Brian Roberson: at 8:39:56
Brian Roberson: at 8:40:13
it was just installed yesterday.
Michael A. (20803): at 8:40:22
The MyAccount online system will not be able to recognize the existence of
your account until your
first bill prints. Once you have received your first bill, please click the
"Residential" link in the upperright
corner of the home page of CenturyLink.com to establish your MyAccount
profile. You will need
your billing telephone number and security code or security answer to
create your MyAccount.
Michael A. (20803): at 8:40:45
I will be happy to direct you to the correct department for assistance with
the speed
Brian Roberson: at 8:41:10
ok - second transfer... dont loose me!
Michael A. (20803): at 8:41:19
You will want to contact tech support at 877-348-9005 to see why the speed
is not where it should be
Brian Roberson: at 8:41:27
Brian Roberson: at 8:41:43
you dont have access to at least see what I'm provisioned for?
Michael A. (20803): at 8:41:57
Just to verify that I am speaking with a responsible party on this account,
please provide me with your
complete billing address, along with either the last four digits of the
account holder's SSN or three
digit account code.
Brian Roberson: at 8:42:25
Michael A. (20803): at 8:42:50
Thank you and I would just like to thank you for your business and let you
know that we appreciate it.
Michael A. (20803): at 8:43:02
6/17/2014 about:blank
about:blank 3/3
You are on the internet speed of up to 1GB
Brian Roberson: at 8:43:41
ok , but to actually get it, I'll need to call 877-348-9005
Brian Roberson: at 8:43:44
?? Michael A. (20803): at 8:44:20
Brian Roberson: at 8:45:28
I'll tell you, between the installation tech and you, this makes 10 people
I've talked to, all sending me in
another (different) direction.
Brian Roberson: at 8:45:48
you guys shouldnt winder why you get poor rating on customer support.
Brian Roberson: at 8:46:07
this is a NEW service, and cant even get what I ordered.
Michael A. (20803): at 8:46:16
I apologize for the inconvenience.
Brian Roberson: at 8:46:29
can you email me a chat session please?
Brian Roberson: at 8:46:35
Brian Roberson: at 8:46:56
or do I need to screen shot this whole thing
Michael A. (20803): at 8:47:16
What is your email?
Brian Roberson: at 8:47:23
Michael A. (20803): at 8:47:30
Is there anything else that I can help you with today?
Brian Roberson: at 8:47:51
nope, nothing you helped me with though.
Brian Roberson: at 8:48:03
deflection and mis-direction
Michael A. (20803): at 8:48:12
Thank you for using CenturyLink.com today. Our goal is to provide you with
excellent service and we
appreciate your business. Please take a moment to give us your feedback by
completing the post
chat survey. If you need further assistance, please click here for
additional customer service options
on CenturyLink.com.
info: at 8:48:13
Thank you for using CenturyLink.com. Your chat session has ended.

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