[olug] Open Source Dictator meets network management.

Rob Townley rob.townley at gmail.com
Fri Jul 18 14:21:09 CDT 2014

To all the
​open source ​
"dictators" out there ruthlessly keeping an open source project on
track,  "Observium
Development Meeting <http://meemsy.com/v/5726>" video is for you.  A little
background, Observium is an open source network monitoring system that is
supposed to be easy and judging by the fact that i have more systems under
Observium than all the other NMS attempts in the past, i would say that may
be right.  Observium paid support comes in the form of an always up-to-date
subversion repository, otherwise wait six months for a new tarball.  It
does not have network alerting like Zabbix does, not yet.  

<a href="http://meemsy.com/v/5726"> Observium Development Meeting </a>

​p.s. The aternative to the ruthless dictator is feature creep as evidenced
in this SOAP does everything device.

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