[olug] Getting list of servers that have mounted an NFS drive

Dave Thacker dthacker at bluestrain.net
Mon Jan 13 05:16:56 UTC 2014


Here's a Red Hat/CentOS/Oracle linux 6.4 question for you. 

Let's say I have server "coffee" that is serving a local filesystem 
"/darkroast" to several other linux machines.  We've decided to migrate 
/darkroast from a local drive to an NFS share on a NetApp.  What command can I 
run on "coffee" that will show me a list of other servers that have mounted 
"/darkroast".  I need this list to make sure I won't get the dreaded 
"filesystem is busy" error when I unmount it and get ready to migrate the data 
to the new storage on the NetApp.   

What else can I tell you?
-The NFS mounts are not set up as automount
-I've tried this at least twice in a dev environment and never got a complete 

Any ideas?

Dave Thacker

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