[olug] For the taking...

Craig Wolf wolfout101 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 1 18:52:29 UTC 2014

For sale OBO:
Desktop Memory:
2 2GB PC2-6400 $30 for pair

Laptop Memory:
2 2GB PC3-8500 $25 for pair

SATA 200GB Seagate $20

 All guaranteed to work.

Desktop Memory:
4 256MB 133Mhz
2 1GB PC-2700
2 512MB PC2-4200
2 512MB PC-3200

 Laptop Memory:
2 512MB PC2-4200
2 512MB PC2-5300
2 1GB PC2-5300
1 1GB GDDR2-667
2 1GB PC3-8500

IDE 60GB Fujitsu
SATA 120GB Seagate

IDE 40GB WD400
IDE 40GB Seagate
IDE 40GB Trigem
IDE 80GB Hitachi

 Firewire 4Pin—6Pin adapter
Assorted IDE cables
AGP GeForce 6800 GT OC BFGTech
Wireless G PC Card Belkin

Please contact me off list if you are interested in any of this...I will
have it until Jan 11th and then ebay/recyclers will get it...Thanx!!

Craig Wolf

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