[olug] OT: drive dock backup solution

Tim Larson larson at towncommons.com
Fri Feb 28 21:54:31 UTC 2014

On 2/28/2014 2:02 PM, Aric Aasgaard wrote:
> I have not used the models you mentioned.  I have 3 similar docks.
> This only one that is reliable is a StarTech model SATDOCK22U3S.  I like
> that it has separate power buttons for both drives.
> It is REALLY frustrating to start copying a ~2TB virtual machine image that
> you need to move to a different building when you leave work only to see
> that it has failed when you return to work because your HDD dock flaked out
> .
> When you get one please let me know how it goes.

Do you happen to remember the brands that didn't work so well?

Tim   🖖

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