[olug] Linux CNC 2.6.4

unfy olug at unfy.org
Tue Dec 30 12:15:36 CST 2014

I have all the electronics for some 70-something oz/in Nema17's (for 
what this is, that's on the small side).

I have a PC that passes linuxcnc's latency test with ~10k-11k ns jitter 
(an AMD 2800+ system).

I believe the only two things I need to do is draw something up in 
Sketchup Make (or something) for the physical bits and pick up some 5/16 
all thread or M8 all thread as my lead screws.

The plan is to use aluminum square tubing brazed together for the mobile 
gantry.  Since I'm building the system at a size not documented 
elsewhere, kinda need to draw it up so I know how long to cut things etc.

Well.  Actually, I think there might be plans for a 16x22 build out 
there.  My initial plans are for 16x16.  I'll prolly just do 16x22 
anyway - this eliminates needing to draw anything really.


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