[olug] Linux CNC 2.6.4

unfy olug at unfy.org
Tue Dec 2 17:14:35 CST 2014

Breakout board arrived yesterday.

LinuxCNC 2.6.4 bootable dvd popped into a random machine with LPT port 
here at work.  Configure interface (this pin does what, and what's the 
timing)... and BAM! it works.

Well, at least - a single motor connected to a driver and then the 
breakout board works :D.

Looks like LinuxCNC is more or less an 'engine'.  You need certain cad / 
etc software to generate the gcode you feed into it.  You *can* write it 
from scratch (dust off them childhood LOGO turtle moves)... but... that 
seems tedious imho.  There's plenty of 2D "Cam" software / tools out 
there, and a few OSS etc tools.

On 11/22/2014 1:00 AM, unfy wrote:
> Am gonna be building a CNC of sorts soon.
> Next week the rest of the electronics should come in (generally) and 
> can start fiddling with the software & electronics.
> Went the dumb-lpt port based route and linuxcnc.  Wanted linuxcnc 
> because, well, this seems like the ideal application of linux 
> (embedded stuff, servers, etc).
> I'll prolly be getting an HP DC7600 (or something that's got a model 
> similar to that) to run the thing.  It's a p4 and stuff, but a 
> coworker has plenty and it seems appropriate to re-purpose one instead 
> of dumpster/recycling.
> Anyone have any hints or suggestions from anyone that has any linuxcnc 
> experience ?
> I don't expect problems, but ya never know.
> ---------
> For the OT bits - planning on either a 12x12 bed or a 12x12 cutting 
> area.  I dunno.  An example:
> http://cdn.instructables.com/F0P/DZA6/GP7IFA3Y/F0PDZA6GP7IFA3Y.LARGE.jpg
> There's plenty of designs that follow this style of moving the entire 
> gantry along the X axis (or Y, whatever).
> Although a moving bed design is prolly better for such a small 
> machine, I'm building a small version of the design to see how it all 
> works when it comes time to scale it to 4'x4' or 8'x4' etc. I've only 
> got 76oz-in nema17's at the moment so there's some concern if they'll 
> be strong enough for even the small design. We'll see :D.
> I'll continue to use the small scale machine down the road - want 
> something in my apartment to auto drill holes in PCB's or cut out 
> smaller parts etc.  Will be building a sound proof box around it and 
> dust collection system etc.
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