[olug] Minecraft and Python programming...

Dan Linder dan at linder.org
Sat Aug 30 11:38:28 CDT 2014

My daughters (13 and 8) are both big into watching Minecraft videos on
YouTube and playing occasionally.  In an attempt to see if I can continue
to reach their geek, I thought about trying to help them write simple
Python scripts to build structures and/or geometric shapes along with other

I am fairly certain that the Raspberry Pi version of Minecraft allows for
Python code to interact with the Minecraft world, but I can't find any
notes on how to do this (simply) on a Windows or Linux system.

I found a few sites that setup a Java server running Minecraft and have a
hacked Python-to-Java (??) API, but the notes on that imply that this
breaks or changes each time a new version of Minecraft is released.  I'd
also like something that is more-or-less self contained.

Is the RPi the only real option, or have I overlooked a method to do this
on Windows/Linux?


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