[olug] OT: Looking for server hardware

Jason Troy jason.troy at gmail.com
Sun Aug 24 08:25:59 CDT 2014

+1 to what Ben / others say.
To some it may look like a desktop but it's what it is running that
The only benefit I can think of is the redundant power, etc ... But if
Uptime doesn't matter you can get away with the random fan/power supply

I understand / respect wanting to learn / sink your teeth into the
enterprise stuff. Hardware changes and you don't want be like a dog chasing
is tail trying to keep up. You might consider an internship or positioning
yourself at a company that has some of that equipment.

Good luck / have fun
 On Aug 24, 2014 8:07 AM, "Obi-Wan" <obiwan at jedi.com> wrote:

> That's absolutely true.  Server class machines were made to live in a
> server room where cooling is more important than noise.  The fans are
> unbelievably loud and the machines use crazy amounts of electricity.  I'd
> rather buy a new, efficient computer than use a free DL380 because the
> total cost of ownership is higher for the latter over two years.  Also
> remember that replacement parts are crazy expensive compared to
> consumer-grade hardware.
> For context, I was the primary linux sysadmin for the Bryan hospital
> system in Lincoln for several years.  I have a full-height rack in my
> basement at home, and I've brought home many free servers after the
> hospital decommissioned them.  I finally gave up that nonsense and got rid
> of all my old dinosaurs.  My last server purchase was a tiny rackmount box
> that's fanless, runs an Atom CPU and SSD drives, and costs almost nothing
> to operate.  From a shell prompt, it's indistinguishable from the big
> servers, but it's a lot cheaper to operate and more pleasant to sit near.
> On August 24, 2014 7:03:00 AM CDT, Greg Gerke <ggerke at gmail.com> wrote:
> >Something you might want to keep in mind is that server class hardware
> >tends to use more electricity and is much noisier than a
> >desktop/laptop. If
> >you're looking for the server class experience perhaps run a few CentOS
> >virtual servers on a desktop...?
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