[olug] OT: Looking for server hardware

Harley Waldstein hwaldstein1997 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 23 23:16:23 CDT 2014

That would probably be easier, but I'm really going for an enterprise feel
with this. System administration is a hobby of mine. So, a big part of why
I'm doing this is to gain experience with real server hardware. I've worked
with home desktops and the like running servers for a couple of years now,
and I feel like it's time to upgrade to server hardware. (Plus, I need my
old "server" back to use for school CAD project work.) System
administration is something I could see myself turning into a career, and I
want to start getting some real experience. Even if it's just starting out
as a home lab.

If anything, it helps make the process more legitimate in my head. And, I
can feel more confident listing something like this on a resume if it has
"real" hardware . Plus, my friends don't mind free hosting.
Have you thought about using desktop or laptop PCs instead of trying to
find rackmount hardware? That may or may not be easier, and when you think
about it, all a server is, is a computer running software that enables it
to respond to requests on well-known ports.
On Aug 23, 2014 10:51 PM, "Harley Waldstein" <hwaldstein1997 at gmail.com>

> Hello! I'm currently working on some web development projects with a group
> of friends - we're high school students. I fancy myself as a bit of a
> sysadmin and am interested in trying to host the sites myself. (It's
> nothing serious, so we can deals with the risk of bad uptime, etc.) To
> end, I'm looking for some cheap or free (preferably server grade) hardware
> that anybody is trying to get off their hands.
> If anybody knows of local venues that would be willing to part with some
> old hardware, or can give up some hardware themselves, then please contact
> me off list at hwaldstein1997 at gmail.com. Thank you!
> Also, if anyone is interested, I'll mention what we are coding in. The web
> framework that we are using is the Play Framework, which is written in
> Java/Scala. We're doing basic web app development, using Bootstrap for
> styling and jQuery for a lot of client-side stuff. This is all a learning
> project. Right now, it would be nice to have some "production" hardware to
> develop around. We would like to set up continuous integration and the
> like.
> PS: I'm sorry for any typos. This was written on mobile.
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