[olug] Looking to sell or Trade a intel i3 laptop 4gb of ddr3 ram 320gb hdd for a Descent directx 11 Graphics card.

Ryan Hines rthines81 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 5 16:45:53 CDT 2014

I wanted to check with the Linux group to see if anyone was interested in a
Toshiba Tecra A11 Laptop.

It has a intel i3 M 350 CPU @ 2.27ghz (2 cores, 4 threads)
4 gb of ddr3 (can be maxed out to 8gb).
Intel HD Graphics total available graphics memory 1696mb, 64mb dedicated
video memory shared system memory 1632mb
320gb 5400rpm sata HDD.
CD/DVD read/write drive.

Ran Crunchbang#! Waldorf 64 bit blazing fast! (Debian 7 Stable w/openbox)
and with a ssd, Elementary OS Luna 64 bit very slick!  Was able to use
pipelight to watch netflix perfectly, spotify, pithos (pandora player),
Lastfm, Steam Linux Client and Desura fine.  I played Arma Tactics,
Openarena, Fez(little choppy), Killing floor played great.

willing to trade for a directx 11 video card thats better than a GTX 260
768mb OC edition video card, or will sell the laptop for $160.00.

email me back if interested!


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