[olug] OT: Learning Colemak

Tim Larson larson at towncommons.com
Wed Apr 30 20:45:43 UTC 2014

On 4/29/2014 8:48 AM, Leonardo wrote:
> Colemak typist here!
> I've been typing in Colemak since 2008. I first switched to this layout as
> part of a challenge: a friend of mine was going to switch to Dvorak and I was
> going to switch to Colemak (both cold turkey) and at the end of the month
> we'd compare who got better. He gave up a couple of hours into the
> experiment. I continued using Colemak because it felt better than QWERTY on
> my hands and (after a lot of practice) I realized I was a lot more accurate
> in Colemak than in QWERTY (even though I started typing in QWERTY when I was
> a little boy and now I'm almost 30).
> My speed is also better in Colemak, but that's not as important for me. Just
> for reference, my speed in Colemak is about 85WPM when I'm feeling really
> lazy, upper 90s when I'm more focused and my record is probably between 110
> and 115. My QWERTY speed was probably 75 when I was feeling lazy with a usual
> speed of 80s and a record of 90s.
> I can still type in QWERTY when needed. It's not like years of QWERTY could
> be forgotten right away. It just takes me a few seconds to adapt to the
> change of layout.

Good to hear the positive experience! Occasionally I give thought to the 
idea of switching to a better keyboard layout. Just haven't pulled the 
trigger on doing so yet...


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