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Want to talk about customer service?  A couple days ago, I emailed Ting because I was trying to do something that's not currently possible on their web site.  Not only did the rep go out of his way to get me the info I needed (a spreadsheet of SMS usage for the current, yet-unbilled month), but today I received a handwritten postcard from that rep thanking me for the suggested web site improvement.  When was the last time you got a handwritten thank you card from Verizon customer support?

See the card in this G+ post:

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</div>I've been Ting for a while.  AT&T was dicking me around concerning phone 
upgrades and stuff... and when I saw that Ting supports iphone stuff, I 
jumped ship.  Gave up my grandfathered original iPhone unlimited data 
plan and all heh.

Bills have been half or 1/3rd what they were with AT&T.

It *IS* the sprint network, so things are generally on the slower side.  
Granted, I've not tried any 4G stuff.  Coverage has been fine for me in 
the Omaha, Bellevue, and La Vista area -- although I do think Bob's 
Fitness (old Southroads mall) was a dead spot (unconfirmed).

If you ever have to call Ting, you talk to a real person immediately and 
they're knowledeable and immediately helpful. Above and beyond AAA 
rating customer support IMHO.

So - if you don't mind the Sprint network, I whole heartedly suggest Ting.


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