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Jon Larsen jon at jonlarsen.us
Thu Apr 3 20:27:19 UTC 2014

Ting uses Verizon's voice network when you are outside your main service
area.  (this was just mentioned five minutes ago during the Ting Hangout on
Google+ http://ting.com/hangout )

Jon L.

On Thu, Apr 3, 2014 at 7:09 AM, Obi-Wan <obiwan at jedi.com> wrote:

> Let's try this without the screenshot & see if it goes out to the list any
> faster...
> On 04/02/2014 11:34 PM, Joseph Gulizia wrote:
>> I'm looking at Ting for phone service.  Any referrals for it or reasons
>> NOT
>> to switch to it?
> I've been using Ting (my referral code: https://znt1he1mog3.ting.com)
> since last summer.  It's great for low-usage users, as long as you don't
> travel outside the main metro areas very often.  Sprint's service sucks in
> rural Nebraska.
> Our family of 3 smartphones typically pays $52 per month combined.  That
> saves us about $130/mo vs Verizon.  Pricing for service is a tiered
> approach based on what your entire family uses that month.  There's a $6/mo
> flat fee to have each line activated, plus some small regulatory taxes
> (totaling about $8/mo for our family of 3 phones).  After that, you pay
> separately for voice minutes, texts, and megabytes.  If you don't use one
> of those at all during a month, you don't pay for it (you can turn off
> services per device, too).  My family typically sits in the medium tier of
> all three categories, though we have occasionally jumped into the large
> tier for data when my son forgets what he's doing. View their tier pricing
> and use their rate calculator at:
> https://ting.com/rates
> Their customer service is unlike anything you've ever experienced in the
> cell phone industry.  I actually enjoy interacting with them!  Very fast
> response via phone or email, and they've got a great sense of humor.  You
> can setup alerts so you automatically get notified if certain usage amounts
> are surpassed, which is nice.  You also have detailed reports available
> online or on a smartphone app.  I'll attach a screenshot of my dashboard as
> an example (or not; the OLUG moderates any message over 40KB).  It's
> updated daily.
> I live most of my life in a WiFi zone, so I'm actually the lightest user
> in our family.  Ting's great for low-usage customers who don't leave major
> metro areas all that often.  If you travel all over the state, you need to
> go with Verizon.  If you're a power user that talks for thousands of
> minutes or downloads many GB of data every month, then you should find an
> unlimited plan. If you must stick with Verizon's network, I'm told that
> Straight Talk is decent, at about $45/mo per line for unlimited usage.
> Using a pay-what-you-use account has encouraged us to adjust our behavior a
> bit.  For example, when we're at home or work, we make voice calls to/from
> the land line instead of the cell as a first option, even if we're looking
> up the number in our cell phone contacts.  We also avoid watching YouTube
> or other high-volume services over 4G without good reason.  Those are
> pretty small sacrifices to keep our payments low, IMHO.
> If you do sign up, please use my referral link (
> https://znt1he1mog3.ting.com), which will save you and me each $25 off
> our next bill.
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