[olug] Verizon vs... who?

Aric aric at omahax.com
Tue Jul 2 14:25:10 UTC 2013

If you are trying to get the best mobile internet on your phone in Omaha
and you use text and data services more than voice services.  Get a
Verizon Wireless data only plan and use a VOIP provider like Magic Jack,
talkatone Google voice, etc.


....They wont just give you a data only plan if you walk into the store
and ask for one.  You have to be deaf.  I was a bit irritated that I was
being discriminated against because of my lack of a disability so I used
http://www.ip-relay.com/ to make the order over the phone.  I got the same
deal on a Galaxy Note 2 with a 2 year contract as I would have had a voice

The $75 plan comes with a free hotspot.  If you factor in that I got about
a $600 credit on the price of my phone the data plan cost me about $50 a

The voice does work if you need it but cost 25 cents a minute.  I text
with my Google Voice account on my phone so that people don't call my
voice number.

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