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On 07/01/2013 10:52 AM, Sheldon, Roger W wrote:
> Looking to purchase NAS for SOHO use. Any recommends? Intended use for home, storing a lot of ISO's I will be creating from OEM disks I purchased. Mounting an ISO and reading them is faster than CD's/DVD'S and this helps greatly when rendering. Just need lota space. Also would be the normal everyday stuff like images, music, media streaming etc. I'm looking at the models below. From what I can gather Synology has a good implementation that reviews indicate as being rock solid and great applications for SOHO. Synology also supports expansion units, VMware, vSphere 5, Citrix and Windows Server 2012 (whatever the heck that is). Not so sure about their Hybrid RAID as it kinds sounds like an offshoot of DROBO's version or RAID. I think it comes with 3yr or 5yr warranty. QNAP was the other NAS I was looking at as they seem to have good NAS setup as well as applications. I think QNAP has more modes when it comes configuring for network link aggregation. Synology also supports link a
>   ggregati
>   on as well and comes with two or four Gigabit connections
> Synology DS1812+ (8 Bay ) with expansion units can scale to 72TB
> Synology DS1512+ (5 Bay) with expansion units can scale to 60TB\

Do you need desktop or rack mount?  If the latter, have you considered 
something like a used Dell 2950 running OpenFiler?  It would be 
considerably cheaper.  Also, Synology's web site says that the DS1812+ 
has been discontinued.

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