[olug] Fwd: Linux Web Server Hardening (LAMP + Wiki)

Christopher Cashell topher-olug at zyp.org
Tue Jan 29 17:09:00 UTC 2013

On Mon, Jan 28, 2013 at 7:52 PM, Jason Troy <jason.troy at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm curious if there are any LAMP users on the list who want to share
> resources. One person responded to this post with "use win-doze, linux
> isn't secure!".

Some good suggestions.

One thing I haven't seen mentioned is the importance of following the
security alerts.  Assuming you're running a common distribution, sign
up for their security alert mailing list.  Red Hat, Debian, Ubuntu,
they all provide this.

If you're running an application that is accessible to the Internet,
sign up for its security announcement list (if it doesn't have one,
that might be a good reason to investigate alternatives.  Read the

Know what you have running on your exposed boxes, and watch for alerts
against that software.

Most OS's/distributions do a reasonable job of shipping in a fairly
secure state these days.  It's the applications you installed that
will give you the most problems.  In just the last month, I've seen
mention of 2-3 relatively well know sites that were compromised via a
security vulnerability in their Wiki software.  I didn't look into
specific details, but in most cases like this, the majority of the
exploits will occur after a patch or fix is available.

> --JT


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