[olug] Fwd: FIrefly Retirement this summer

Jay Hannah jay at jays.net
Wed Feb 13 18:00:12 UTC 2013

Hmm... Can I move these 1500 nodes from UNO PKI to an OLUG server room somewhere?   ;)



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> From: HCC <hcc at rcf.unl.edu>
> Subject: FIrefly Retirement this summer
> Date: February 13, 2013 12:41:04 AM CST
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> Dear Colleagues, 
> The Firefly cluster will be retired in the next few months. Please move workflows to Tusker as soon as possible. Data on /work is not backed up -- only expendable data should reside there.  If you need assistance with this move, please contact hcc-support at unl.edu.
> Tusker has been in place for the better part of a year, and a second hardware acquisition is planned for later this summer. The remainder of Firefly will be retired when the new hardware installation date nears.  This is currently planned for June, 2013. 
> Further, a significant hardware failure, while not hoped for or expected, would likely result in immediate retirement of Firefly. Dell no longer produces SC1435 nodes.  Panasas no longer sells the storage product we continue to use.  Force10's switch fabric is out of warranty, and Cisco no longer produces Infiniband of any kind.  This email is to emphasize the need for current Firefly users to plan for this upcoming event.  Expect further communication as the retirement date approaches.  
> If you have any questions or particular concerns, please let us know.   In the mean time, continue to use Firefly, but caveat emptor -- its days are numbered.
> Best regards,
> David
> David R. Swanson, Director
> Holland Computing Center
> University of Nebraska
> for details click http://hcc.unl.edu/hcccreditedit/messages.php?idmessages=103

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