[olug] Anyone with a extra desktop or parts I need trade for a i3 8gb ram laptop?

Ryan Hines rthines81 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 30 18:11:55 UTC 2013

I want to upgrade my Linux gaming machine and looking for either a amd fx
quad or six core CPU or i5 i7, compatible mobo and 4 to 8 GB ddr3 and a
case.  I hoping to trade for my Toshiba tecra a11 laptop I have.  Its got a
Intel i3 with hyperthreading, 8gb of DDR, I believe a 320 GB HDD 15 inch
screen.  I have had #! Waldorf (based on Debian wheezy and zorin (Ubuntu
12.04) run on it no additional driver fiddling needed.  Currently has
windows 7, will install whatever distro and add Netflix usability, pithos,
spotify, steam Linux and windows steam client etc.  I have several other
laptops that do all I need this is my best of the best.  If anyone is
interested just email me at rthines81 at gmail.com with any questions or what
you have to offer for trade.  Thanks and I hope everyone has a happy new

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