[olug] Horribly slow mysql workbench performance under linux

Dave Rowe dave at roweware.com
Mon Aug 5 20:15:27 UTC 2013

A shot in the dark - but isn't there an option for hardware/software
based rendering?  Ie, if it isn't using your video card things could
be annoyingly sluggish.

It has been a while since I've used the tool, but remember something
along those lines...


On Mon, Aug 5, 2013 at 3:10 PM, Adam Haeder <adam at adamhaeder.com> wrote:
> I'm running the latest version of MySQL workbench (5.2.47) under a fresh
> install of Fedora 19. I'm hitting a database server that has a dozen or so
> databases, with a total of maybe 100 tables between all the databases, and
> the performance of the application is TERRIBLE. Navigating around the UI is
> an operation in frustration, as every click generates a 3-5 (or more)
> second wait until the GUI responds to what I just clicked. Running 'top'
> shows me that mysql is consuming all of one of CPUs pretty much all of the
> time, and the little hard drive light on the front of my pc lights up and
> stays lit up every time the UI seems to 'go to sleep'.
> I know this isn't a database issue, the load is low and queries are coming
> back in no time. The desktop is a core i5 @ 3.2GHz with 4G ram running
> 64bit Fedora 19. I've read some threads on the forums, and the only thing
> people suggest is to lower the history limit in the preferences, which I
> have done to no affect.
> It seems to be specifically limited to the Linux version of the app,
> because I have a Windows 7 vm running on this same box (under virtualbox)
> with the same version of mysql workbench installed, and none of these
> problems occur.
> Anyone else ran into this? Any workarounds? I'd hate to have to use a
> windows VM just to run this one app. Thanks
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