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Mon Aug 12 20:06:32 UTC 2013

you should be in business. Your OS doesn't care about optical drive
vendors, or hard drive vendors. And you can order all your builds with
the same video card.

You're not going to get perfect hardware standardization. And most
businesses claim to care about this, but they don't really mean it.
What they want is the peace of mind to turn to one vendor to deal with
hardware issues. They don't care if they have 10 different models of
Dells as desktops spread around their enterprise so long as Dell
provides a support contract on all of their hardware.

Let your boss order you a new Vista machine. You'll qualify for a free
Windows 7 upgrade. And you can easily set it up to dual-boot with
Linux, or set up a VM.

-- T. J. Brumfield

On Thu, Aug 6, 2009 at 4:30 PM, Aric Aasgaard<aric at> wrote:
> Good luck getting hardware standardization from a big OEM without a speci=
> order from a systems architect. =A0I don't even think it is possible. =A0=
> and HP throw whatever in a system.... They have contracts with the parts
> MFGs so XX% of systems built will use Y MFG's parts to keep competition a=
> redundancy in the supply chain. =A0You'll also get whatever stepping CPU
> happened to be on the top of the pile. =A0It is even difficult to find ou=
> what chipset is in a particular model desktop using Dell's site....
> A quick way to prove my point on how non-standardized they are..... Put i=
n a
> Dell service tag into Dell support site and look at the drivers and firmw=
> that might by in your system.....
> So to actually have hardware standardization you will need to talk to a
> specialist and have a special model run done for your company and if you
> bother to do that you can have them put whatever OS you want on the syste=
> Bottom line.... it is BS plain and simple... My advice, just find a model
> that has the drivers in the Linux kernel.
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> I'm looking for a pre-built linux desktop.=A0 Looked at the Dell site...h=
> to find and then didn't find any cheap ones other than FreeDOS=A0 OS...wa=
> hoping for Ubuntu/Kubuntu...(with Windows in a VM mode=A0 already configu=
> would be nice).
> Boss was talking moving me to Windows....cheaper, easier to find machines=
> Standardization=A0 BS.
> Joe

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