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Mon Aug 12 20:06:32 UTC 2013

The pain in the ass way might be for us to form our own entity.

I'm not a 100K per year super Linux admin(yet?) if I made even 70k I'd take
it on with my own responsibility.
All I can do is contribute cash and time, and some equipment.

On Thu, Apr 2, 2009 at 2:32 PM, Dan Clough <dclough at> wrote:

> Figuring out a pricing structure is a priority at this point in time,
> but that's currently on hold until we find out what the damage is for
> the Pinpoint cage and power circuits.  With all the pledges of equipment
> we've seen so far, I doubt our expenses will exceed that of the cage
> space, power and bandwidth.
> While we're on the subject of finances, we *really* need to decide what
> we're going to do about legal entities.  I've been juggling ideas which
> include forming our own nonprofit corporation, piggybacking on another
> organization or just dumping it on one person's shoulders.  The last one
> is an obvious no-no as I doubt anyone would want to take sole fiscal
> responsibility of the venture if it went tits-up.  Ideas?
> Dave Rowe wrote:
> > Phil Brutsche wrote:
> >> People should be allowed to bring in anything they want (given
> >> reasonable hardware constraints - ie 4U or smaller rackmount) as long as
> >> they maintain their machine(s) properly and bay their bill.
> >>
> >> I'm just making sure people are performing reality checks, we shouldn't
> >> be getting any grandiose ideas and ordering a 50Mbps line under the
> >> assumption that there will be that many "clients".
> >>
> >> Dan Clough wrote:
> >>> Well, that's just it.  Hopefully it won't just be us, hopefully we
> >>> can get people who want colocation or even local web hosting but
> >>> can't find it... Even if it means inviting the WUG in... ;)
> >>>
> >>> We want enough capacity for us to fill and for any other "clients"
> >>> we'll hopefully bring on board.  20Meg should be fine.
> >
> > With that in mind, does someone who has an idea (ballpark is even
> > valuable) as to what the monthly cost (+ setup? ie, to help cover the
> > Cogent installation?) per U is?  Then, people who might use it can
> > evaluate (reply to the list) with what they'd want (no obligation).
> > Then, you'd have a better idea of how big the client base is, and what
> > the estimated usage would be.
> >
> > I've throughly enjoyed following this, and see myself as a potential
> > 'client' of this, but without knowing the monthly cost, I'm not fully
> > 'sold' on it.
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