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Mon Aug 12 20:06:32 UTC 2013

until you see the option to download "Software - Support Pack".  This
is the ProLiant Support Pack.  It contains all sorts of useful drivers
and daemons to monitor the health of the server.  It only runs on
certain "server-class" distro's, though, like RHEL and SuSE.  If you
use a free RHEL clone like CentOS, you just need to change the contents
of /etc/redhat-release to match the corresponding RHEL version so that
the PSP knows it's OK to install here.  I've got a wide variety of
RHEL's installed at BryanLGH, so if you need a particular redhat-release,
just holler.

While you're at it, grab the firmware CD and update your server.

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