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Mon Aug 12 20:06:32 UTC 2013

e ----=0AFrom: Troy=0ASent: Saturday, October 13, 2007 11:07:25 AM=0ASubjec=
t: Re: Virtual Machine=0A=0A=0AHello everyone,=0A=0AI just wanted to share =
what I've done lately.=0A=0AAt work I was finally approved to install Linux=
 on one of the new`er`  =0Adesktops they issued me to use. They gave me abs=
olutely zero  =0Aspecifics on how they wanted it done so I wiped the entire=
 80 Gig  =0Adrive and installed Ubuntu Feisty.=0A=0ACall it a perverted ple=
asure on my part but it felt oh so good doing=0A it.=0A=0ANow I know I must=
 use knuckle-dragging flat-earther `WinDuhs`.  =0AOriginally being from Tex=
as I can be extremely politically direct  =0Aabout life on the high plains.=
=0A=0ABack to the issue.=0A=0AI downloaded vmware and installed it using th=
e following directions  =0Aat Ubuntu Geek.=0A=0A---start of link---=0Ahttp:=
// =0Acommer=
cial-repository-in-ubuntu-feisty.html=0A---end of link---=0A=0AYou will nee=
d to apply the patch to get one of the daemons to work  =0Aproperly with Fe=
isty.=0A=0AThen after vmware was working I created an 8 gig XP virtual inst=
all.  =0AThere is absolutely no reason to give it more space in my reasonin=
g  =0Asince it is nothing more than a somewhat functional OS when needed.=
=0A=0AThen I installed certain WinDuhs-only apps which out IT shop uses and=
  =0Asoftware, specifically Internet Exploder users use to interact with  =
=0Athe Oracle-based Banner servers on campus. There were other apps like  =
=0Aanti-virus, registry cleaners and anti-spyware which is part of a  =0Ano=
rmal build. After getting the virtual network card registered with  =0Athe =
other half of our systems database I bridged the connection and  =0Alogged =
`LookOut` into the `Extra Change` server.=0A=0AIt works so well I can keep =
it running inside Linux and log into it  =0Aremotely through the VPN using =
a TS client from home. I also made a  =0Adirect copy of the folder the file=
s live in as-well-as tar.gz anothe  =0Acopy to be stored. It reduces the re=
store from failure time to  =0Aminutes rather than several hours.=0A=0AHope=
 this gives you all another tool to use from the Linux kit.=0A=0ATroy in Po=
o You Yahoo!?=0ATired of spam?  Yahoo! Mail has the best spam protection ar=
ound =0A 

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