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Mon Aug 12 20:06:32 UTC 2013

Stuff you can throw in screenrc and such, paying particular attention to
'read-only' bit:

       aclchg usernames permbits list
       chacl usernames permbits list

       Change  permissions  for a comma separated list of users. Permission
bits are represented as `r', `w' and `x'. Prefixing `+' grants the
       permission, `-' removes it. The third parameter is a comma separated
list of commands and/or windows (specified  either  by  number  or
       title).  The  special  list  `#' refers to all windows, `?' to all
commands. if usernames consists of a single `*', all known users are
       affected.  A command can be executed when the user has the `x' bit
for it.  The user can type input to a window when he has its `w' bit
       set  and  no other user obtains a writelock for this window.  Other
bits are currently ignored.  To withdraw the writelock from another
       user in window 2: `aclchg username -w+w 2'.  To allow read-only
access to the session: `aclchg username -w "#"'. As soon  as  a  user's
       name is known to screen he can attach to the session and (per
default) has full permissions for all command and windows. Execution per-
       mission for the acl commands, `at' and others should also be removed
or the user may be able to regain write permission.  Rights of the
       special username nobody cannot be changed (see the "su" command).
`Chacl' is a synonym to `aclchg'.  Multi user mode only.

On 4/19/06, neal rauhauser <neal at> wrote:
>    I've been poking around in man screen and I can't figure out how to
> get it to do a view only session. Anyone know the magic incantation for
> this?
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