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Sam Flint harmonicnm7h at gmail.com
Fri Apr 5 21:11:24 UTC 2013

Going through stuff, http://www.memorysuppliers.com/.


On Sun, Mar 31, 2013 at 3:47 AM, Aaron Grothe <ajgrothe at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hey Guys,
> Know it is off topic.  Wondering if anybody knows of a service that will
> do custom USB drives for you at a reasonable price:
> Goals
> o - On Demand, don't want stocking
> o - Drop Shipping - don't want to double ship
> o - Able to load custom software on the device, pretty small image really
> o - Ability to do CD-Roms a plus, software can probably ship either way
> o - Custom logo would be nice but is not that important to the project
> I think lulu used to do this, but it looks like they are just doing books
> now.  Taking a quick peek at Cafepress suggests they aren't doing USB
> drives anymore either.
> Know this is a weird one, but would appreciate any pointers.  Yes I did
> google this before sending out to the list :-)
> Looking to do a quick project and I'd like a way for people to be able to
> support the project easily and also the project is designed to be
> Muggle-friendly so being able to buy it pre-installed on a USB stick would
> make it a lot easier for people.
> Still working on project and it might flame out in a biblical fashion but
> isn't that what makes life fun???
> Thanks,
> Aaron
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