[olug] Wow...

Kevin D. Snodgrass kdsnodgrass at yahoo.com
Thu May 31 19:02:50 UTC 2012

> From: Jordan Fox <vmifox at gmail.com>
>To: Omaha Linux User Group <olug at olug.org> 
>Sent: Wednesday, May 30, 2012 10:23 PM
>Subject: Re: [olug] Wow...
>Anyone have Fedora 17 going yet?  D/led XFCE and LXDE spins yesterday
>- no time for an install or liveCD boot yet.  Not sure which I'm going
>to make permanent.

Trying to get F17-XFCE spin running just now.  It failed.  I'll start a new thread though...
Kevin D. Snodgrass

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