[olug] hdd problems

Lou Duchez lou at paprikash.com
Thu May 31 00:51:36 UTC 2012

Dude I know has a trick for getting hard drives to work long enough to 
salvage data:

1)    Open the computer case and pull the hard drive out so it's still 
connected but is sitting on your desk.

2)    Put a sandwich bag around the hard drive.

3)    Put a bag of ice on top of the sandwich bag.

This obviously isn't guaranteed to work with every hard drive, but it 
does work a lot of the time.

> A friend gave me a desktop hdd and he said he thought there was a head
> crash, but I thought that if that was the problem, powering the drive would
> make sounds.
> I put it in a desktop and booted to an ubuntu live cd, but the drive
> wasn't accessible, didn't make any noise, and didn't vibrate.
> What else could be the problem? the on board circuitry is dead?
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