[olug] Linux and Windows SBS 2011

Jason N dashrender at cox.net
Mon May 7 15:42:57 UTC 2012

This is just a stab in the dark.  MS updated the RPD protocol to setup a secure connection before sending the password for authentication.  Your current RDP client might not be updated to allow for this.  I'd check and see if there is an update to the software you are using.

Otherwise you can (though not recommended) lower the security requirement on the server to allow the older style of authentication.

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Hello all,
I have a question concerning the ability to remote login to windows SBS 2011 from a linux mint box.  My work recently upgraded to SBS 2011 and the remote login via a web access. I can not get Remmina to log into the server.  It worked previously with SBS 2003 and terminal served but not now.  When i click on the remote desktop icon on the web access site it asks to download an rdp file.  If I download it and then open remmina and import the file it imports it but will not connect.  Has anyone gotten linux to connect to SBS 2011?  Any help would be appriceiated.


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