[olug] Roku vs Boxee

Rob Townley rob.townley at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 07:52:45 UTC 2012

On Tue, Mar 13, 2012 at 9:31 AM, Lee M. Meysenburg
<lmeysenburg at ravelsolutions.com> wrote:
> We have been using Roku boxes since they first came out and are very happy
> with them. We also use PlayOn <http://www.playon.tv/> with the Roku to get
> access to the Web Only content of Hulu as well as many other channels.
> We used MythTV for years but have since switched to MediaPortal
> <http://www.team-mediaportal.com/> for DVR, DVD Content, etc. and are not
> looking back. I always felt like I spent more time making things work and
> keeping things working with MythTV then actually using it. That isn't to say
> MediaPortal doesn't have it's occasional hiccups, but they are far and few
> between compared to issues with MythTV.
> My two cents,
> Lee

Thanks for the MediaPortal link.

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